The “Hide” Music Video.

So I got an interesting opportunity to shoot a good portion of, and edit a music video for my friend, Scott Grimes. He’s currently got a song working its way on to the charts in Adult Contemporary Radio– “Hide”. It’s a great song.

He and writing partner, Dave Harris came up with the idea, that fans should send in video of themselves singing along to the song, and those clips would be worked into the video.

The kind of workflow issues involved in this are interesting, but the video has received much attention, as Russell Crowe, and others from the “Robin Hood” movie make appearances in it. I too, am in it. My wife, and two of my children also make brief cameo appearances.

How surreal, the things that come my way sometimes… It even got featured on “Entertainment Tonight”, and in the L.A. Times, and it’s getting looked at by other media outlets, as the single picks up traction. Not bad for a day’s work!

Here is the “Entertainment Tonight” coverage it received…

Here is the L.A. Times Article about the video…


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